weekend getaway in zurich

A Weekend Jaunt, A Bit of Everything; Relaxation, Walking, Brisk Air and Loads of Chocolate

Weekend Getaway

Did you know that some mental health specialists say that short weekend breaks from routine life and work may make people happier than a long vacation?

I have always preferred short weekend vacations, as many as I can possibly squeeze in, rather than one long, drawn out holiday.   It turns out that many health professionals agree.  On that esoteric list of material things that bring us lasting joy and satisfaction, short breaks, like visits to a spa or a weekend trip to a new location, rank at the top of the list while expensive items like fancy label boots or designer jackets rank much lower and only bring momentary elation.  I, myself, have personal reasons why I like long weekends instead of a full blown vacation. To begin, a new city is very exciting on the first day or even the second as opposed to the last day or the last 2 of a few week excursion.  I start to get itchy and anxious after more than 4 days away from home.  The first day, the colors are sharply new, the air smells different and the differences of where you are now, compared to where you came from are sharp.  As the trip wears on a daily routine forms and the excitement dims some.  The planning, research, excitement and anticipation make the respite seem much longer.


What are the perks of a weekend getaway?

Some days you just feel down, like you need a break and a change of scenery.  A weekend getaway does that.

You have not had time to catch your breath.  Work has been demanding or family hassles have caused you stress.  You just need to stop, breathe and “smell the roses”.

You have not shared the intimacy that you wanted with your special someone for a myriad of reasons.  This gives you the chance to finally catch up.

This will be a series of blogs about some weekend getaways that David and I have escaped to.  They fall into the category of grab a backpack (literally), find a cheapie flight (with miles or that great deal) and find some crazy, out of the way place (not too many other tourists).zurich

A recent weekend in early December was one of those times when all the stars were aligned, flight patterns and miles added up to a free trip and easy connections on our way to visit family in Jerusalem.  For little or almost no money, we settled on Zurich: 1, it fit the geography 2, David had never been, 3, the holiday season adds vivacious atmosphere and 4, the real tourist attractions in Switzerland take place in the ski areas, so the city won’t be ridiculously expensive or overcrowded.

Next, I’ll tell you all about our weekend! 

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