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Traveling in Style Part 2: Ladies, What to Wear For a Comfortable Plane Ride

Trips to faraway, exotic places are exciting but long flights over changing time zones are a bummer. fashion-over-50-images-for-17-Smart-Outfits-for-Men-Over-50-Fashion-Ideas-and-Trends...-17-Smart-Outfits-for-Men-Over-50-Fashion-Ideas-and-Trendsfashion-2015-11-celebrity-travel-stye-jessica-alba-2-mainI have seen people strip, brush their teeth and change into pajamas, all at their seat, and I have even done it myself.  I have perfected a method of being able to change clothes under an oversized t shirt or sweater.  My husband, and other family members roll their eyes and chuckle each time I do it and it is clumsy to maneuver  the first time, but it becomes more seamless with each try.

There is actually a theory that on an overnight flight through a time zone, the jet lag is alleviated by the actual act of preparing for sleep, going through the motions and actually sleeping some. I strongly suggest swapping or discarding a couple items of clothing (you don’t have to change to pjs, maybe sweats, but definitely do not wear stiff jeans), slipping into something a bit more comfortable, brushing teeth or hair and attempting a couple winks of shut eye.


I freeze on the plane, so I always wear black leggings under a pair of black knit pants.  My go to knit pants are comfortable yet the cut of the pant is flattering. My top choice is Eileen Fisher  style=cropped wide leg knit pant and jersey tunic.  If I wear blue jeans on top of leggings I take those off on the plane, at my seat, and travel only in the leggings.  Depending on the weather, I always wear a black or white long sleeve t shirt layered under another shirt, t shirt or sweater and on top a blazer, knit jacket or coat jacket (this has to double as a dress up piece).  Best materials to include in your travel wardrobe are jersey, because it is not bulky, packs easily and always looks fresh and unwrinkled, and linen, because it is breathable, keeps you cool in hot weather and is eternally wrinkled so it doesn’t need any care.   I recommend lots of layers.  Remember, whatever you wear, you don’t have to put in the suitcase.  Bulky items of clothing like a blazer to dress things up for an elegant dinner or birthday celebration, should be worn on the plane.




Always, wear a blazer, scarf, sunglasses, hat and your most comfortable slip-on shoes.  I love my Tory Burch ballet slippers, they look great with both pants and skirts.  I carry a coat if it’s a cold season.

No one has ever stopped me for cosmetics that are not allowed but I have been stopped for other reasons.  Being a bit of a fussy eater, no wonder with all that anxiety, I bring my own food and have been momentarily detained to search the bag for the triple foil wrapped frozen broiled chicken breasts, (you never know when you may get hungry), or the home baked mandelbroit in the tin (I smile my biggest and brightest and offer them one to taste).    All long items, like lip and eye pencils, concealer, eye brightener, mascara and eye liner are in a separate long skinny zipper pouch.  put lip gloss and a small moisturizer (a sample that was a free gift in one of those gift promotions) loose into the zipper pocket of my fake Mary Poppins bag.   If I have any extra samples that I have accumulated from trips to Sephora or itsy bitsy other freebies, I throw those into the pouches.  Place these pouches into your Poppins bag.

Important points:  FABRICS HAVE TO BE LIGHTWEIGHT, jerseys, silks or knits.  They pack exceptionally well, wrinkle minimally and are not bulky.  When I take linen, I know it will retain that lived in, casual look.  COLOR COORDINATE, white and black with light blue, pink or a shocking color accent. LAYER! If I have a best loved piece I must have with me and it’s voluminous, I wear it to travel and do not put it in the suitcase.  MULTI-PURPOSE, the pieces should be interchangeable.

My profile when I travel is a sophisticated vision of a woman clad in pants, jacket, ballet flats and hat.  Complete! (US)

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