Swimming In Style – And Modesty

By Guest Blogger, Hafis at Lyraswimwear.com

Swimwear can be a hard issue for many women. Whether it’s the fit, finding the right suit for your body type, or, for someone like me, making sure I can move around easily in the water without sacrificing modesty. Growing up, I mostly wore lightweight skirts that came to mid calf, with a pair of capri athletic pants underneath and a t-shirt on top. This was before all the modest swimwear styles and companies came on the scene, and let me tell you – my younger sisters have a much easier time finding modest swimwear than I ever did! We have been on several cruises over the past few years and it has been so nice being able to shop for modest swim attire through various shops online. Not to mention, they look much classier than I ever did in my leggings, skirt, and t-shirt! And of course, with these swimsuits being designed for water activity, they’re much safer and more comfortable. Here’s an example of one of my sister’s swim skirts.

For me, modesty isn’t something that goes out the window when I’m at the beach, pool, or in any other activity. Modesty means different things to different people but I pretty much look at it as covering my body; not out of shame or embarrassment, but because it’s not public property for everyone to look at. Whether it’s casual wear, church clothes, an evening gown, or swimwear, I want my clothing to cover my body without being too snug or fitted. Not so loose and baggy that I look like I’m wearing a potato sack, but not a form-outlining fit either. Both because I can’t stand anything snug, but most importantly because I don’t want to be “covered” with a material that ends up outlining or drawing attention to my body.

One company I discovered is LYRA modest swimwear. These swimsuits offer full coverage, including leggings that go to the ankle, without sacrificing movability and even style. Cute, stylish, classy, and leggings that keep you covered even if the skirt happens to float up. These literally look like cute day wear, but they’re made in a quick-drying fabric designed especially for water. And it’s even chlorine-resistant, so swimming in public pools isn’t going to damage or fade your suit. They are available in a variety of colors as well as styles, to flatter and fit every body type, skin tone, and personal preference! I’m so glad that modest swimwear is now something you can shop for online, not have to come up with your own best option or pay outrageous prices for a custom outfit to be made. When modesty, style, comfort, and ease-of-buying combine, it’s definitely a win-win!

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