sex and the presidential elections

Sex and the Presidential Elections, by Larry Gould, Author

The election

It’s been quite a time over the past few weeks, what with the Presidential Elections in the United States. Whatever you think of the people running for office, you have to be encouraged by the fact that Trump, at 70, and Hillary Clinton, at 69, demonstrated so much energy and passion on the campaign trail. trump-clintonI’m sure you must agree that if they’ve got the energy for that, I’m quite sure that they would also have the energy for, shall we say, extracurriculars.

My wife Michele and I were honoured to be invited to the US Embassy in London on Election Night. It was fascinating to see the evening unfold; there were so many celebs, especially from the news media, and massive screens all around the Embassy, which is a huge building in Central London.

At the beginning of the evening, the message flashing all over the place was “Hillary Expected to Win.” The noise level was high – but maybe that had something to do with the generosity of the amount of drinks that were available to us all. However, as the evening wore on, the atmosphere in the room changed as a new message flashed on the screens: “Too Close to Call” – and, not soon after that, another – “Trump Could Win.”

Then, after many hours spent wondering what the outcome of the race would be, the final message finally came up: “Trump Expected to Be the Next President of the United States.” The mood really changed. There were some ripples of clapping, but only ripples. At 5am UK Time, we called it a day.

What does it have to do with sex?

I think sometimes life imitates sex – or, should I say, sex imitates life. We are attracted to a person, and we show that in various ways – a look, a brief touch, a snuggle-up. They return that compliment. They signal I’m excited – I could be with you – and then the message flashes up in your head: EXCITING TIMES AHEAD.

And then, as things move on, another message: I’M READY.

Followed by another: I’M SO READY!

Then, just like Hillary Clinton, the message can change to I WAS READY…


And then…I LOST IT.

Like politics, then, we have to expect that sex often delivers an unpredictable result. Like many disappointed people, we have to learn to be kind and forgiving to ourselves when we find that we change our feelings and responses. The result may not always be what we expected it to be, but this does not mean that we shouldn’t keep trying to achieve satisfaction. After all, satisfaction comes in a number of guises, from an amazing climax to comforting cuddles to nervous excitements and, afterwards, a comfortable feeling or the happiness that comes from knowing we gave our partner some pleasure.

So, just like Hillary Clinton, David Cameron and most of the political losers out there: it’s important to enjoy the journey, and to keep trying different routes.

Stay tuned for next time, when I’ll be discussing how to improve your sex life by having lots of ….

Until then,

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