Prague and Budapest. Where does a spin instructor stay? By Dr. W

Dr. Sven W’s recommendations

Budapest was an easy choice. The Kempinski Corvinus is centrally located, a few minutes from the Danube. The hotel was totally renovated around 3-4 years ago. It is modern, sleek and run superbly.

Kempinski Cornivus Budapest

Kempinski Cornivus Budapest

The service is supreme and the staff is helpful and very courteous. The breakfast room, done in modern bistro style, is absolute fun to be in. The buffet breakfast has everything you could dream of in Budapest. The hotel attracts a very international clientele. One evening at the hotel we met a group of young people who came for a destination wedding- in total a party of 100 young Pakistanis who were totally hip. The wedding was at the Buda castle. They were dressed to kill. I tried getting an invite but no luck. The following morning, I went down at 7:00AM for a run and some wedding stragglers were still hanging out in the outside bar. Total cool.

Other high end hotels include the Four Seasons, The Ritz Carlton and the Hilton (located on the Buda side. Great views of the Parliament). Hotels with fabulous river views are the Sofitel and Intercontinental. In my opinion, the Kempinski offers the most for the buck (Euro or Forint). One comment about the gym. For a hotel this size it has a tiny gym. One morning there was a group of eight Israelis who were using the gym. That was intimate. Nevertheless, one of them decided he was going to give Salsa lessons to the others. It was like giving a Zumba class in a NYC subway car during morning rush. It was sort of fun.

The Four Seasons Prague

The Four Seasons Prague

Prague was a different story. We had a wedding at the Grand Mark Hotel which is outside Old Prague. It is well located, recently redone as a modern structure with a beautiful outdoor garden. The rooms are modern décor with fine appointments. You cannot go wrong. An alternative for your stay, The Four Seasons, in the heart of old Prague, is filled with old world charm, fabulous views, superb service and absolute attention to detail. This hotel caters to Americans, with English being the only language you hear in the lobby and restaurant. It is the ultimate in old world elegance and feel. The gym is beautiful, relatively spacious and well equipped. Prepare yourself for the finest hotel in Prague with its rarefied atmosphere and appeal.

Next time,  back to basics to discuss maximum predicted heart rate during exercise.

  • Anonymous
    Reply September 22, 2016 at 9:14 am

    Prague vs Budapest – personal experiences:

    PRAGUE: Great public transport which is incredibly reliable and cheap. No issues with WiFi, tons of great indie cafes. Very safe city, didn’t feel intimidated wandering around at night. Food and beer cheap, more so out of the city centre (I was in Prague 8). Not a huge issue with language barrier and basic words are easy enough to learn. The women were stunning and there’s loads to do in between work. Vodafone has good options for data and mobile calls. The only downside were people on segways but learnt that they are banning them. If you like good beer, the outdoors, architecture, you’ll love Prague. Would go back tomorrow.

    BUDAPEST: Lots of the benefits of Prague but found the internet faster here. Language difficult to learn/pronounce but got by. Stayed near Margaret’s Island so a great location. Tram system incredibly reliable. Metro ok. Found good and drink to be a little (not much) more expensive here, but Brexit happened so that could be why. People seemed a bit miserable, but weren’t rude. Felt safe at night while walking around. Not as busy as Prague with tourists during the week. Great if you like spas and the pools. Lots to explore, but felt like I’d done it all by the time it was to leave. Wont be returning but glad I experienced.

  • ramblingKieran
    Reply September 22, 2016 at 9:19 am

    I loved Budapest. It was one of my favorite places to visit. The contrast between Buda and Pest is amazing. Plus you have huge wide streets. Lots of awesome “ruin” bars. A huge park and nice food. Also check out the public baths if you go, and see some of the locals playing chess in there!

  • catdoctor
    Reply September 22, 2016 at 9:22 am

    When visiting Prague, take the day trip to the former concentration camp at Terezin. It’s a very interesting and moving experience to visit, especially if you’ve never visited a concentration camp. I know it’s neither fun nor beautiful but it is a learning experience.

  • Anonymous
    Reply September 22, 2016 at 7:15 pm

    Great post and very helpful1

  • Forradalmar
    Reply November 21, 2016 at 10:16 am

    depends on what are you looking for and how much time do you have-
    prague is a much dense experience. meanwhile Budapest offers more activities on a large area and looks better altogether.

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