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My body and Me, by guest blogger , the other Debra

The beginning of my story is one that I think most women over 50 can relate to in one way or another.


It is the ending that will surprise you, and it has surprised my family, my friends and most of all, myself!!

My story is a tale of a very conflicted relationship between me, a capable wife, mother and career woman and my body.  We don’t always agree.   I was always very thin and never worried about what I ate.

In this blog, I am coming clean.  I was a picky eater and fruits and vegetables were not at the top of my hit parade. ReeseS'moreI grew up on marshmallow fluff sandwiches and chocolate. I always had a sweet tooth and learned to get my sustenance mainly from the very top of the food pyramid, sweets and fats.  My energy was derived from lots of sugar highs.  After giving birth, I lost the baby weight easily, though it got harder with each consecutive pregnancy. I also must admit though that, not many, but some extra pounds were creeping up on me.  Not being a fan of regular exercise routines I pooh-poohed anything health and fitness related.

All of that changed when I turned 50. My 50s were my most challenging decade yet.  Because of stress and personal challenges I faced, during this time I lost a lot of weight, more than I needed to, only to gain it back and then some.  I tried various diets, a little exercise and even hypnosis.  But I just could not get control of my biggest saboteur, snacking on all those high calorie culprits that have no positive influence on our metabolism. I avoided doctors, ignored health issues and even steered clear of the dentist.

I had been feeling like I had no energy at the end of the day.   I would drag myself home from work and crawl into bed at 8 pm only to wake up feeling like a bus hit me craving my first hit of caffeine.  When the weekends rolled around, I would feel lazy and lethargic.

Then my 60th birthday came around and I realized that I have got to take control of my life. I have grandchildren now and as the matriarch of the family I am always advising on health questions and have become a cheerleader for wholesome meals, and maintaining healthy eating and sleep habits.  I have much to look forward to so my time has come to take stock.

My Personal Emergency Intervention:

  1. I visited my family doctor for a full check-up.
  2. I did all the blood, urine and cardiac tests the doctor suggested to complete a total workup.
  3. I scheduled and underwent my first colonoscopy.
  4. I began to contemplate a healthy diet.
  5. I strategized on how to diet and lose weight.
  6. I made a resolution that I was going to change my eating habits and fill my diet with fruits and vegetables, whether I liked it or not.

I heard about a 4 week detox program and it sounded crazy enough for me to become smitten with the idea.

I decided to try it.  I drink rejuvalac twice a day, Rejuvelacit is fermented quinoa and a natural probiotic. I drink a cup of wheatgrass every morning and I add fenugreek to soups and salads (fenugreek is a natural appetite suppressant).


I am in the middle of this journey and so far it is working. The first week was so hard!  I now understand how addicted I was to sugar and carbs.  I am 3 weeks in and am finally at the point that my daydreams of cookies and danishes with my coffee are (almost) non-existent.

I have more energy and lost 3 kilo (almost 7 pounds). The surprise; when I go out with my friends, their mouths drop when I order the salad instead of the pasta.  I feel like I have some control over my choices, my life and my body. Best of all my skin looks amazing.

If I can succeed, ANYONE CAN!

My new mantra is: I need food to live, I no longer live for food!!

All these are good omens as I look forward to a great next decade.

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