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How great was MTV when it was first introduced in the 1980’s?  Music Television Video revolutionized the way we listened to music and made it a multi-sensory experience.  It was exciting to watch our favorite entertainers perform. I remember staying up to watch the release of Michael Jackson’s Thriller on MTV.  Who doesn’t?

Fast forward to April, 2020. The way we are now living is in an alternate reality. The Coronavirus has taken over our lives, forcing us to be home, but due to the inventiveness and imagination of the internet, we are not home bound. We are finding new ways to work, study and have social contact with friends and family.  

e537f105-da4a-4a57-a599-e9f14759dc69ZOOM has opened a new world for so many of us, young and old, to be able to @see@ others and to participate in meetings, classes and family gatherings.  We are social creatures and, therefore, seeing and speaking to one another is an integral part of our being. We sorely crave human contact outside of our nuclear family and now, because of these new Apps, we can continue to socialize and adapt.  Being adaptable to new experiences are the attributes that keep us youthful.

In this new age of communication, there are new conventions of how to use both the audio and video components of ZOOM meetings.  I wrote about FOMO (Fear of  Muting Out). Now I want to talk about MTV, Mute The Video.

Let us distinguish between different ZOOM meetings; personal, professional, and study.  These rules may vary depending on the type of ZOOM meeting.

  1. Personal ZOOM meetings include family gatherings and “coffee” with our friends. We need and want to see and hear everyone. Nuance is vital and we want to be present and see it all.  There is nothing like, all the commotion during a grandparent/family ZOOM meeting. de6d4993-c6cb-45ab-a648-da18feddcdcfSince we don’t physically have the hugs, sounds and mess, we certainly want to hear and see it all!  Same goes for friend ZOOM hang outs.  We miss our friends and the people we can most be ourselves with, so we can literally let our hair down, be in pjs and even show the piles of laundry. Who knows us better than our besties?  They get it.
  1. Professional Work ZOOM meetings. These can be broken down to work meetings, classes and lectures.  Work meetings usually take place with a smaller group of people. Treat these as if they are the workplace.  Be professional.  As discussed in the FOMO blog, “in the workplace”, set up a professional space, one that looks sleek on camera and portrays your best self.  Dress as if you are going to work, even if it’s just from the waist up. It is important both for our professional selves and out of respect to our work mates.  
  1. ZOOM classes and lectures. OHubY9fTTT+FBsgfh9PwugThere are often 10 to 200 participants in these meetings. The presenter is not required to see you.  Your presence is noted either by your name in your box, your picture from your profile or your participation.  Once again, that may be enough.  The gathering may not need to see your movements.

ZOOM Etiquette Tips:

  1. I have participated in sessions where a participant is eating, has fallen asleep or is on the phone. And what’s with the virtual background?!? Love it when my grandchildren use it, it’s fun and they are trying to be creative, but in a lecture, do I need to look at the Brady Bunch background?  It can be distracting to everyone. 
  1. Mute the Audio.  You are NOT being rude to anyone if you shut your video, mute the audio or just show your name.  You are still an active participant and you always have the option at any time to unmute and speak up.
  1. Use the chat box.  It is most strongly suggested to turn on the chat use it, but be positive.  It is fun to see everyone’s comments and to respond. With the video off, you can relax, listen and enjoy in any way you desire without subjecting others to any distraction.
  1. Most important, if you leave your video on, Smile!  You look so much better.

MTV, mute the video & have a great ZOOM day!

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  • Anonymous
    Reply April 8, 2020 at 12:26 am

    thank you for clarifying the ins and outs of zooming!!! miss you!

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