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Men, listen up!  Should one be sloppy or neat, trimmed or a beard, floppy hair or slicked back and most important, shirt out or tucked in? After all these years of following the rules, do we really have to put an effort into the way we look?6a79b4485f450fa85060253f15aeb72d

These decisions will enhance confidence, make you feel more youthful and are easy to execute. Now, a few simple steps that will put you squarely on the right side of that fine line between being an attractive older guy or someone old, who lets themselves go. Historically, men have always had to be a good little soldier in following fashion and not be too innovative.  Both my husband and I have been dressing differently today in the retired mode than we did when we were working.  I used to confront the public every day and was the face of my business.  David went to a corporate job every day and dressed for the business world.    “Dressed up” for people at desk jobs usually means style/casual. Collar shirt tucked into dress slacks.  Today, spending most of our days writing and doing research with the off day in marketing meetings, our dress requirements are quite unlike what they once were.

Part of how to dress in retirement will be determined by 3 factors; obviously the first two are comfort and style.  The equally important third factor is being motivated enough to take an interest in appearing attractive.  Try these on for a change, look in the mirror and you may find they fit better than you thought and make you feel excited and look exciting.

The 10 moves for men to keep up their style in an easy way that is so casual, yet relaxed, you’d think you were on a picnic for life.

1.  Try to upgrade your everyday outerwear to either leather or especially Cool Suede style= Andrew Marc has sleek style leather jackets that are mid-priced.  Huge savings can be had on these off season.

2.   Denim shirts are casual yet dressed up and current. Never get snaps or the cowboy cut.  Be very tailored and choose dark denim or even black and gray that are especially in right now and are found aplenty everywhere including Gap and Brooks Brothers, not to mention Old Navy.  Old Navy is a fantastic find for men just beginning to navigate their style.  No one has any excuse anymore not to look good because here everything is inexpensive so you can afford to make fashion mistakes, and everything is labeled clearly for your cut (full or skinny).

3.  Three quarter length for coats are most flattering. Guess had a jacket this year that could double for both dress and casual.  If you have a coat you are especially fond of and it is mid-calf, take it to the tailor and spring for the above the knee length.

4.  Stick up collars are especially flattering for outerwear, they elongate the neck and lift, giving the illusion of longer, taller and slimmer. Illusions are critical at our age.

5.  Kick off the loud and crazy socks. fashion-men-vintage-colorful-largeChoose subtle, neutral shades like camel or gray, lighter than the pant, and textures that are interesting like tweeds and knobby.

6.  They don’t say eyes are the window to the soul for nothing. New glasses required.  One of the first things David did when he was embarking on a new look was the search for the perfect frames.  We would think we found the right frame only for him to back out in the last second.  Ironically, the first pair he picked were the ones he went with, AFTER A YEAR AND A HALF.  Round frames and horned rimmed glasses are all the rage now.  Those daring can be bold in color, the brights are everywhere. The trick is to draw the eye to our most exciting features, like our eyes, and color can do that. David picked the Oliver Peoples Gregory Peck Glasses  gregory-pecks-glasses-L-CZ4dsQ

 style=style, so appropriate because of the recent passing of our icon, Harper Lee and the popularity among our generation of To Kill A Mockingbird.  One of my idols, along with Anne Frank and Francie (from a Tree Grows in Brooklyn) was Scout, a fantastic character we all loved as young readers. The search for the perfect spectacles filled some empty vacation hours and Sunday afternoons, here and there, and in the end gave me the opportunity for a special gift, and to boot there are always opportunities for future gifts because the sunglass clip-on are easy to lose and constantly need to be replaced. Hint, knock off clip-ons are sold by the dozens on Amazon and are a fraction of the price.

7.  Shade the sunrays and trade up for new sunglasses. Sunglasses can totally transform one’s whole appearance if they are the right pair.  Instant chic styles like Wayfarer  style= and Aviator  style= are great shapes that work on a variety of faces.

8.  Tailoring is crucial. My mother used to scrutinize the way people dressed and she would always remind me that a cheap outfit can look expensive when the fit is perfect and an expensive outfit can look like a shmatte if it does not hang right.  NO MORE BAGGY PANTS!  Exorcise the thought that if you need to drop a few pounds you should wear a baggy tent.  Clothing today are much more fitted  and the more the shape hugs, not tight and just fits, the slimmer one looks.

9.  Keep colors simple. All black may be too much and accents of color is very youthful.  The colors should be in the range of the no colors.  Tone on tone works best when the shades are not identical but blend.  Replace denim jeans with camel color jeans and a coffee colored shirt.  Pair a dove gray shirt with charcoal pants.

10. Finally the bottom tip, the sneaker is a shoo (shoe) in. Everyone is wearing them in leather and suede. Low and high tops.  Footwear has become a statement piece.  Choose from Coach style=, Kenneth Coleor even Uggs style= which are quite affordable. You’d be surprised, Payless has a super comfortable and stylish two tone brown, both leather and suede sneaker.  Note from a podiatrist: recommended footwear for comfortable and healthy feet are 3 brands; Ecco style=, Rockport style= and Merrill style=.

Try these 10 beginner style steps, not too radical but substantial enough to break out of the wallflower mode into the not exactly in-your-face but a bit more out there new you.

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