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On one of my visits to my folks when my mom was alive, we were watching a “how to” fashion show. She liked those morning programs and I got a kick out of doing that with her.  Funny how when we’re young we crave autonomy from our moms, as we mature we appreciate every moment, then suddenly they are gone and we are left with the memories, but that is for another chapter.  Back to the reality TV, Naomi Campbell appeared as a guest and she looked ravishing.  She is 46 years old!  She admitted that to look that way, “it takes a village”.   Well girls, most of us are simply women trying to get by and most of us don’t have a village!  It’s just me, just you and maybe a trick or two that we have incorporated to pull our style together and present the best picture of ourselves.  During my years of being alone after my divorce, I had to depend only on myself and that feeling of empowerment wears well.   Feeling confident shows on our face, in our step and follows us around like an aura.  The flip side is that being frustrated and embittered by life’s challenges and failures also shows and does not wear well.

Our age group (and thereabouts), which is the target audience of this blog, has historically been ignored in favor of younger and skinnier.   It’s as if one must be young and look adolescent to be in style and to be successful.  I propose that one can be chic and youthful, by using certain make up tips and stylish lessons, being expertly discriminating and learning all kinds of life’s lessons from interesting and inspiring daily occurrences.  The good news is that older, accomplished women are style icons today.  Take Vanessa Redgrave for Gucci, Iris Apfel for Kate Spade or Joan Didion for Celine.  All extraordinarily talented women who exude style.

Make-up is a huge way to improve the way we look, enhance our features and when we look more beautiful we feel better, more confident and have that winning “CAN DO” attitude.  Below is my routine that paves the way for me.

I present to you my before and after make-up pictures.





See the difference.

In the video below I show you the products I use, present certain beauty and make-up lessons I have learned that attain a prettier picture of myself and help me feel like I look better and more presentable.  And the best part is that the make-up takes me all of 5 minutes in the morning.  You be the judge.

Step 1.  Laura Mercier foundation primer.  Apply first, concentrating on the T-zone, the forehead, down the nose and particularly in the corners at the side  of the nose.

Step 2. Clarins Extra Comfort SPF 15. I love this product because it is thick and rich but it does not look cakey or heavy.  Foundations can be tricky because the color has to be a near perfect match to our skin and they have to look luminescent and natural.  This one stays fresh all day and covers imperfections, but it does not flake at the end of the day.  I personally like to go with my skin color match or even lighter and not darker or tan.  I apply a small peanut sized glob with my fingers.  I use two fingers, dab all over my face and smooth out in an upward, light motion.

Step 3. Favorite under eye concealers: Mac Studio Finish Concealer and Laura Mercier Secret Concealer . These are both creamy products.  I use my fourth, wedding ring finger and rub not a small amount directly from the concealer container lightly to the inner corner of the eye, outward, including the upper and lower lid.

Step 4. Preferred eye pencils: Trish McEvoy Intense Gel Eye Liner in aubergine and Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in gray/blue (Rockstar color).  Pull the bottom lid away from the eye and draw a line on the rim.  On the upper lid draw a line across the lash line and do not worry if it’s not perfect.  We blend everything as we go.  The eyes now have definition but are not overly done which can be aging.

Step 5. Eye Brow Pencil: Laura Mercier Eye Brow Pencil in warm brunette, there is a brush at one end.  Outline and fill in the eye brows with small feathery strokes.  Try to match them as best as you can, but they need not be perfectly symmetrical, no one’s face is.  If one eyebrow is arched, they both should be, if one is round then both should be round.  Good general rule, have eyebrows professionally done and dyed because at our age they become less thick and they fade.  Always brush eyebrows after applying pencil.

Step 6. Eye Shadow: MAC Pigment Color Powder.  Dip small eye shadow brush in powder and tap off excess.  This is a bit shiny, which at our age is usually a NO NO, but this one is very delicate and you need only apply a bit to the upper lid corner of the eye and BLEND over the eyelid, eye pencil and concealer.

Step 7. Blush: Laura Mercier Crème Cheek Colour in Oleander.  I use my fingers to apply to the apples of my cheeks.

Step 8. Highlighter: YvesSaintLaurent Touche Eclat, Radiant Touch.  THIS IS A SECRET WEAPON!

Stroke the following spots:

  • The forehead right under the hairlinehighlighterglitter
  • Above eyebrows on the brow bone
  • Under eyes on tear duct, dark circle line
  • Top cheek bone above apples of cheeks
  • Cupid’s bow
  • Chin, under mouth
  • Nose bone from center top to bottom

Step 9. Two brushes: Use thick brush to blend blush and use only for pink tones.  Use smaller make-up brush to blend the highlighter and only for neutral shades.  Blend into hairline and down towards the neck.

Step 10. Lip Liner and Lipstick: Mac Pro Longwear Lip Pencil or Laura Mercier Lip Pencil and Mac Satin Lipstick.  Always use a lip liner to outline, even out the lips and most important, lipstick will stay on longer.  If the bottom lip is thin, this is the opportunity to make it a BIT wider, or vice versa with the top lip (but never overdo it).  Fill in lips with lip liner and cover all with lipstick.  Dark, bright lip colors are aging but they do make dramatic statements, give our face vitality and also make blue or green eyes pop.  Soften by applying lip gloss.  Burt’s Bees lip shine is one example, swipe it on for complete look and comfort.

Step 11. Best for last! Make Up Setting Spray: Chill by Urban Decay.  Spray in an X both directions and the center of the face. It feels fantastic and is super refreshing.

I like to use creams, which all the above products are except for the MAC pigment powder.  They keep our face moist, do not settle into fine lines and creases, and creamy skin is more youthful looking.

Take a before selfie and an after one.  Decide for yourself.


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