Ladies, your hair and social distancing

Bad hair day? Who isn’t having one now in these days of quarantine and social distancing?

Just sit back and “let our hair down” is the new reality of social distancing but when it comes to our hair, it’s not as relaxing as it sounds.   As tempting as it may be to grab the scissors and start snipping our bangs or grab the bottle of peroxide, DON’T DO IT!

 My hair has gone from meticulously cut, thanks, to my hairdresser who I will literally fly across the world to get to, to a wild, longish and untamed mess.  I am so happy that the messy look is in style.  I, who unfailingly goes every two weeks for a gel manicure and every six weeks for a haircut is at wit’s end.  But to my surprise, I noticed something interesting, my hair and nails are healthier and stronger than ever.  

I would like to suggest that now, is actually, the perfect time to resist those urges to grab the scissors and chop your tresses off or seize the bottle of hair dye off the pharmacy shelves and slather on the color.  Most hairdressers recommend to utilize solutions that are not permanent.  Try spray-on non-permanent or semi-permanent root touch ups or simply gather your hair in an updo, french braid or even pigtails.

Today, I was at the pharmacy, one of the essentials we are allowed out for, to buy a new nail polish color to experiment with.  Nail polish is non-invasive enough that one can have fun with it and it can be removed immediately or a week later, not like hair, that takes time to grow back.  In front of me was a woman and her husband studying the products in the hair dye aisle and trying to make sense of the complexity and abundance of use at home commodities lining the shelves.  Good luck.  The best treatment for your hair right now is nothing, and all hairdressers will tell you exactly that.  

Many women our age suffer from thinning and limp hair.  Giving our head, scalp and hair a vacation from all the chemicals we put there will strengthen the state of our hair and after this is over, we will be all the better off for it. Hair specialists will tell you that it is nearly impossible to fix an in-house chop job without needing to practically cut everything off.  If you have ever wondered how you would look in your naturally gray locks, this is the perfect time to finally go for it.  

And who knows, by the time beauty salons open and you get to the hairdresser, a good haircut may beautifully eliminate all the old colored wisps of hair and your new you will include a foxy silver new pixie style.

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