In Search of Perfect Hair

In Search of Perfect Hair

By The Other Debra

I have shared with you, in an earlier blog that I decided to have a Keratin treatment done on my hair. I was seduced by the advertisements showing women with thick, full, swishy hair.  I am blessed with very thick hair and the treatment has made it more manageable.

But…along with the seduction came the fantasy that I would wake up each morning to perfect hair, looking like I just stepped out of a hair salon. This is sadly not the case. In the morning my hair still looks like hair looks flat in some spots and a bit unruly in others, just like hair after a night of tossing and turning sleep.

So I am back to square 1.  I see the women who always look like they just stepped out of a salon, and I am on a mission to figure out how they maintain that perfect look day after day.

Years ago my friend and I would go to the hair salon together.  It’s so much more fun in pairs; the experience, the “I love it, no I don’t” and the general sharing of the fun.  Invariably, it did not matter when we made our 6 week hair appointment, a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, there were always these 2 other women there “just getting their hair blown”. We concluded in our conspiratorial way that they came every day. We’d laugh together and chit chat/envy how vain these women must be to come every day, didn’t they have anything better to do and their Prada outfit and Versace shoes looked overdone (they looked amazing)! Well, I must confess that now, looking back, I kind of want to be those women. Speaking frankly, to look good I need to have a quick hair blow every day. I just don’t have the time or the money to afford that indulgence. The once a week wash and blow is more than enough.  So what to do?

There is nothing like girlfriends who share their special secrets and advice. A friend is staying with me in Jerusalem, and as she unpacked she pulled out an electric hair brush – I had never seen it before. She demonstrated how it literally can give your hair renewed body and the just out of a hair salon look.

I immediately went out and purchased the Panasonic Electric Hair Styler.  I was a bit limited in my selection as I needed one that works on 220v. I have to say it is amazing and in just a few minutes my hair was styled and I felt so good.

I have also discovered the magic of dry shampoo.  I am the testimonial that in a pinch it works.  There are mixed reviews about the benefits of dry shampoo, but like anything else if it is not abused it can be quite beneficial in helping to make your hair feel and look great between shampoos. It also allows the salon blow dry to last an extra day.  Besides, the trend today is to shampoo less because too much washing strips the hair of its natural oils that are integral to fuller growth and healthier hair.

With my coiffed hair, I am feeling great and off to work!

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