Guest Post, End of Summer Bathing Suit Memories

Bikini versus burkini.  There are a world of choices in between…one piece, high leg, tankini, dresskini, body slimming, thigh concealer, and on and on.  So much controversy about an article of clothing that can be so tiny and grow to out of proportion largeness. Because of our tendency to politicize everything we sometimes forget that simple human considerations are behind even the choice of a bathing costume.  Who doesn’t remember hiding in the dressing room in that revealing bathing outfit before swallowing enough courage to venture out, to the mirror not the beach.  Choosing one is SO not just about religion.  It is also about sun protection, body image and modesty.


I love the water. I have been swimming for most of my life. The activity jump starts my day. I was also lucky enough to grow up on the beach. My parents had a summer home in Cape Cod and most of my childhood memories are beach memories. I had what would be considered a nice figure in those days and loved walking around in a bathing suit.

But those days are gone. I am now almost 60 and my body wears the scars of 5 children, the weight and the veins that came along with that. I am okay with all that but I don’t want to be penalized for it.  I want to be able to take my grandchildren to the beach and the pool and I want to look carefree and chic doing it.  I refuse to walk around either in clothing over my suit or with a towel wrapped around me.

I discovered Hydrochic Activewear. The fresh and comfortable styles have allowed me to sit in the kiddie pool with the babies, be able to step out and “dry (f) it” quickly and walk over to the snack bar and order food without feeling self conscious, and instead feeling great. Not to mention the sun protection the outfits provide.

So, take the plunge and feel good about yourself inside and out.

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