Downsizing Your Home

By Guest Blogger, Sarah Stilo

A lot of people, when looking for a home, are on the search for a place that they could reside for the rest of their lives. While that might seem realistic to those in their 20s and 30s, the truth of the matter is that as we age, we tend to not have either the want or the ability to tend to a full size home. Larger homes are great for people with families or for those who use the space, but if you’re reaching your retirement years and have an empty nest, a smaller and more manageable house might be something to consider. If you find yourself  in this situation, here are some tips.


Consult with friends, family, or a community

When it comes to making decisions like moving and selling your home, be sure to consult with those around you first. If you have family, talk about the options associated with moving near them. If moving close or in with family isn’t an option, a senior living community could be the choice for you. Either way, by leveling your plans out with someone else, you can get a clear perspective that isn’t your own. These types of decisions aren’t easy ones, and advice on where to take the situation can and will help you.


Speak with a real estate agent

After you get your ducks in a row in regards to if you want to move, and where you will move if you do so, speak with a real estate agent. Finding a new place is only one piece of the puzzle, and selling your home is the next. A skilled real estate agent can assist you with listing your home, showing it, negotiating on your behalf, and securing a sales price that is fair and in line with the value of your home. As you get older, the last thing you want is additional stress on your plate, so leave the selling to the professionals.


Say goodbye to the old

We as humans tend to collect things throughout life, but don’t always let them go. While a full sized home may be able to hold all of your trinkets, decorations, kitchenware, and furniture, a smaller space likely won’t. Host an estate sell, donate to your local Goodwill, and say goodbye to all of those items that don’t hold real value to you. We’re not saying to throw out everything, but we do know that not everything is sentimental. The feeling of moving into a new and fresh space with only the necessities will be more freeing than anything else!  


Feel confident in this decisions

We’re not going to lie, having to part ways with the home where you’ve made countless memories is going to be tough, but the choice is for the best. Change can be a great thing when you let it be, and moving into a more manageable space will allow you to enjoy your retirement years to the fullest extent.

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