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Guest Post: What a Great Pair of Shoes Can Do for You

Meet my guest blogger!  Another  Debra!

Twenty years ago, as a newcomer to Israel, I was sitting at the bus stop and met another newcomer and mother of four boys also! (At the time). One of those lucky days where all goes unexpectedly, yet splendidly, culminating in the ultimate gift of friendship! One of “my best days ever”.


Easy for Loubotin to say-he doesn’t have to wear his shoes!!

I have a shoe fetish.  I inherited it from my mother. I have finally realized a crazy thing about women and shoes. Our foot size doesn’t change even when our body size does.  When possessed by the urge to buy something to feel good, buying a pair of shoes is always a safe bet!

I love window shopping.  One of my fondest memories is, of walking home from synagogue each Saturday, window shopping along Beacon St., and oohing and aahing at the fabulous shoes in the windows. We would then pass one of those “orthopedic” shoe stores, Edwin Case Shoe, and I would think to myself, “I will never be caught dead wearing those shoes.” Well, I guess I am dead, because, now I am wearing THOSE shoes!

My mother died suddenly at 58.  After the shiva, my two sisters and I found 12 new, not yet worn, pairs of shoes in her closet.  My mom’s last purchases from the famous twice a year “2 for 1 sale” at Shoe Horn in Boston.

Ecco Women's Collection

What’s fascinating about my mother’s shoe obsession is that, paradoxically, although she loved shoes, she hated exposed feet. She insisted that we wear socks, as little girls, or stockings, as young women, to any formal affair.  There was an absolutely no sandals policy, even when we were at our summer home at the beach. I was the obedient daughter and almost never went out  with my toes exposed. I would then spend the morning checking out what other mothers and daughters were wearing on their feet and to my dismay, they were all going bare!

I often say, I have turned into my mother, haven’t we all? I still wear stockings and closed shoes for more conventional attire.  I am so old school that I still do a double take when women walk in to formal affairs wearing flip flops and no stockings.

I not only inherited my mother’s love of shoes, but I have also inherited her varicose veins. After five children, and being over fifty, my feet began to speak out and say that they needed to be cared for and not just with a pedicure, which is de rigueur. While in New York a few years ago, I met a very stylish friend of mine for breakfast. I naturally glanced down at her feet, and low and behold, I see she is wearing what seemed like the most comfortable shoes on earth. That was my introduction to Wolkys style=. These shoes are literally a walking miracle. I can walk all day, be on my feet and never realize it.  The problem is though, they are not Christian Louboutin shoes, they are, as the sign in the Edwin Case shoe store read, “Sensible shoes”.  I have to confess that I am still vain enough not to wear them to a wedding. Funny, because I noticed women wearing FitFlop style= to weddings. Now ladies, come on!  We do need to be comfortable but there are many other styles out there that are comfortable and elegant. I recently discovered an Easy Spirit style= shoe, sleek and stylish, yet comfortable.

The key to feeling good is being comfortable, but let’s not forget we want to appear chic and elegant.  If your feet don’t feel good, you don’t feel good. Number one, choose comfort, but, be selective and don’t sacrifice the style.  Of course, smile, because you feet feel good and you can.  At our age we need to feel good inside and out!



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