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​The Novice Traveler Part 2: The Travel Toiletry Challenge (TTC)

By the other Debra

I know that this is the time in our lives to be traveling. We are feeling well and we still have energy, our children are either independent or on the road to independence, and I have much accumulated vacation time that needs to be used before I lose it.

I have shared my difficulty in just taking carry-on luggage.  It is a process learning how to reduce the amount of clothing my husband and I NEED for a trip and getting a handle on some pre-trip anxiety.  Now, the next challenge I face is how to deal with the “Travel Toiletry Challenge”, from here forward referred to as the TTC.  I break into a cold sweat trying to figure out how to choose and pack the appropriate toiletries I need for my trip when we choose to limit our valise to carry on. ttcI have a friend who visits various beauty counters at department stores and collects all of her favorite products before she travels. Israel, where I live is not so “give-away friendly” and rarely does someone make a purchase and walk away with a free sample. Add to this that I once purchased an expensive bottle of perfume in the duty free in Israel, only to have it confiscated in Europe during a stop over. So my fear of traveling with liquids is not unfounded.  I need help!

 So I decided on a more erudite method. I usually don’t make a list when packing clothing for a trip although, I probably should.  When it came to my TTC I decided to be a bit outside of my box and catalogue my daily must haves and proceed to pack from there. I paired down my makeup and cleansing routines to the basics, I practiced that it was comfortable and I collected travel size containers, now available in Israel.


  • Night moisturizer in a security allowed small size container.
  • Day moisturizer. I even saved a small amount that was left and kept it in the original container.
  • My own shampoo-poured into a container.  Hotels provide shampoo and conditioner and they are nice to hoard because the size is perfect, but, I like to use my own shampoo since I did the Keratin treatment.
  • Deodorant (the standard size is allowable).
  • Eye brow pencil.
  • Eye liner pencil.
  • Powder cover up and powder blush.
  • Lipstick.
  • Lip moisturizer/gloss.

This next step is very important; I leave the travel bag “as is” for my next trip so the containers are ready to go and the pressure is less.  

I really went minimalist on our last trip to Greece. My BB cream got the cut, because I was afraid that it would be confiscated if I brought it.  I missed it.  So I’m looking for the right sized container and next time, it’s in the bag.  

I would love to hear from readers as to how they deal with the (TTC)!

  • Your Friendly Road Warrior
    Reply February 19, 2017 at 8:58 am

    Next time squeeze some of your creams you don’t want to leave behind into a contact lens case – they are designed not to leak, and take up less space than a 3 oz. travel bottle.

  • An Avid Follower
    Reply February 19, 2017 at 9:03 am

    That’s a fantastic idea to leave the bag of toiletries ready to go. I am thinking of doing that with my walking shoes also. What’s your next challenge? I can’t wait to hear. It’s so human that you obsess like us normal people. Thanks for a great post.

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