The Bare Bones About Osteoporosis

For many boomer women, osteoporosis becomes a fact of life. Concerns over risk of fracture, brittle bones and a general sense of weakness can really slow you down. But there is some good news: you can take steps to protect your bones...


The Downsizing and Goodbye !

Downsizing isn't just about moving, it is also about saying goodbye and getting rid of a whole lot of stuff. Time to let go and there's no turning back....

scent of a woman

The Scent of a Woman… YIKES!

After recently viewing the moving and beautifully performed movie, Lion, I feel rather guilty about expressing my displeasure over such a trivial matter. But, here goes...

In Search of Perfect Hair

In Search of Perfect Hair

I want to wake up each morning to perfect hair, looking like I just stepped out of a hair salon but, sadly my hair looks flat in some spots and unruly in others. What to do?...

road trip

The Road Trip

David and I are prettty much attached at the hip and spend almost all our time together but, I STILL FLIRT! I sent David an enticing email and that launched our "Road Trip". A Road trips mean just that; a journey...

Acropolis Athens Greece

The Novice Traveler

Consider me “the alternative traveler” as opposed to the “get up and go” one. I have a tremendous fear of travel, over pack, and end up stuffing my suitcase. I get palpitations just thinking about the probability of a pre-trip panic attack. ...

Zurich and Lucerne

A weekend in Zurich and Lucerne

There are many chocolatiers all over, stop in and buy one piece at a time, you can even save one for your next cup of coffee. Sit and have a hot chocolate, they are outstanding...


Hair, Nails, Feet and Face, Guest Post

As I get older I have put more and more emphasis on my personal grooming. It makes me feel good and I recognize that I AM IMPORTANT! I am diligent about getting my face waxed and my eyebrows professionally done. ...

morning moisturizing

Morning Moisturizing with Debbie

A woman's moisturizing routine is a necessary and important step to overall appearance. I have done a video to show you how to apply the products and I reveal my hit list...

heart rate exercise

Dr. W, on Debunking the Gospel

Perhaps, too much emphasis is placed on obtaining a certain heart rate during exercise. For the routine exerciser what is most important is doing that 30- 45 minute workout program 5X per week or even daily ...


A Great Night in New York City

Don’t be afraid to discover the ever changing world and in the process expose our minds to new experiences, celebrate diversity and frequent places where young audiences attend...


For Women Only, Taking It All Off

Good skin is as much a part of fashion as designer frocks. Makeup embellishes our look, but how it is removed and how we treat our skin daily preserves the canvas for the total picture ...


Are We Invisible?

I sometimes walk down the streets of New York and I count people, actually count.  1, 2 people my age, over 60! 8, 9 people 20 to 35 years old.  Then I compute fractions, 2/10, sometimes I think in percentages, 20%.  In my exercise class,...


Exercising Decision Making

We should be able to make decisions confidently by the time we are 50. We have had good practice up until now and probably made some life changing choices in the previous years. So why is it so much harder for me to...

type of exercise right for you

Dr W. on Getting to the Gym

Some people love the social aspect of the gym, meeting new people and making gym friends, dressing up with "fabulous sneakers" or need the " great outfit, where'd you get it?" reaction....

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